Client Challenge

    The Product Control IT (PCIT) team lacked an efficient, automated process for handling data, reporting, and control. The existing manual processes were time-consuming and lacked strategic focus.

    Execution Outcome

    Introduction of RPA saved around 1218 report runs over six months for 197 users, improving efficiency and shifting focus to strategic processes. This initiative has set a new standard for future automation within the bank.

    Project Elements

    Establishing RPA Capability

    Led the team in introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) within PCIT, streamlining operational processes and enhancing productivity.

    Implementing RPA Use Cases

    Oversaw the end-to-end implementation of RPA use cases from development through System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), to production. This included training key PCIT resources on RPA applications.

    Onboarding Reports to Exception Management System

    As part of a Product Control Data Warehouse (PCDW) rationalization strategy, certain reports with exception-type data were migrated to the Exception Management System using RPA. This approach transitioned users from routine reporting to strategic exception-based processes.

    Creating RPA Process for Trade History Data

    Developed an RPA process to capture mortgage blotter and global bond blotter trade history data, enabling the automatic creation of daily valuation review and control reports.

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